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5 ошибок оздоровительных программ, которые возможно делает ваша компания

5 ошибок оздоровительных программ, которые возможно делает ваша компания

Оздоровительные программы помогают не только работникам вести здоровый образ жизни, но и компаниям экономить деньги. Автор статьи  отмечает пять возможных ошибок при их внедрении: недостаток ресурсов, отсутствие интереса, недостаток поддержки, плохое планирование, зависимость от написанного. 

5 Wellness Program Mistakes Your Company May Be Making

It’s a documented fact that having a wellness program in place is a good business decision. Not only can the right wellness program help your employees lead healthier lives, it can save corporate dollars. But many companies are finding it difficult to have a successful program. Here are five reasons your corporate wellness program might not be living up to expectations:

1. Lack of resources. Your wellness program might get off to a roaring start, but if the back-up isn’t there, it will fall flat. Adequate funding, access to internal resources and staffing are necessary to help your program succeed.

2. Lack of Interest. In order for any program to have a lasting impact, your employees need to be invested in improving their health. Employee participation can be fostered through communication and education. When employees fully understand how the program can benefit them, and what they have been asked to complete as part of the program, then they will have greater interest in participating. It is particularly important to identify and engage the high risk employees - those who smoke, are obese, or have other identifiable risk factors. The high risk employees will cost your company 3 to 5 times more than the average employee, so it’s beneficial to engage them in living a healthier lifestyle.

3. Lack of Support. Employees will be much more likely to participate in the wellness program if they see upper management actively participating in the same programs and healthy challenges. This can be accomplished by enlisting the support of your upper management team from the outset, clearly identifying their role in the promotion of the program and having at least one of them on your wellness committee.

4. Poor Planning. Maybe you started your program off with a bang, but noticed that the buzz quickly declined and employees ceased to participate. Changing unhealthy behaviors doesn’t happen overnight, and people need continuing reinforcement of the wellness program, including fun events, varied program components and onsite health options. Incentive design will play a significant role in the level of participation and success you achieve. Equal parts art and science, incentive programs should take into account your corporate culture and wellness goals including participation levels and health results.

5. Dependence on the Written Word. Most people have already heard that smoking is bad, vegetables are good, and they should exercise more. Having a newsletter or website link with this information can be helpful, but the reality is, many people won’t take the time to read or click. It’s important to have options for employees to speak to experts on implementing changes in their own lives. Health coaching, whether it is conducted over the phone or even through a secure email system will allow employee to ask health experts the questions that relate to their specific situation.

A successful corporate wellness program requires an adequate funding and resources, personnel to help plan and manage it, the support of corporate leadership and professional health experts, as well as periodic evaluation to make sure it’s continuing to meet your specific goals. These tips are effective for companies considering corporate wellness or those who are struggling to execute their current program.

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