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10 мифов о вознаграждении

10 мифов о вознаграждении

Короткая заметка о наиболее значимых заблуждениях в сфере поощрения персонала. Фокус на деньгах все опошляет и ограничивает возможности управления людьми. Не согласны?

I’m honored to have an article included in the December issue of Canadian HR Reporter in which I debunk 10 recognition and reward myths.

  1. Employee recognition is best given at an annual awards show.
  2. Cash is the best reward.
  3. Employee salaries should be reward enough.
  4. Determining “how” to recognize is the first step of appreciation.
  5. Appreciation and recognition are the exclusive territory of HR.
  6. Appreciation and recognition are only for the elite.
  7. Recognition takes time and energy.
  8. Recognition is expensive.
  9. Appreciation requires tight controls.
  10. Appreciation is a soft skill with no measurable business metrics.

Be sure to click through to the article to learn the reality behind these myths.

The bottom line: Recognition done right is a powerful, strategic method for advancing the business objectives most critical to your organization’s success.

Overcoming these myths to arrive at the truth about the role employee recognition can and should play in your talent management practices will help you get there faster.

What other myths do you see in recognition practices?

You can find more from Derek Irvine on his Recognize This! blog.

Derek Irvine is Vice President, Client Strategy & Consulting Service at Globoforce, a global provider of strategic employee recognition and reward programs. In his role as a thought leader for employee recognition at Globoforce, Derek helps clients set a higher ambition for global, strategic employee recognition, leading consultative workshops and strategy setting meetings with such organizations as Avnet, Celestica, Dow Chemical, Intuit, KPMG, Logica, P&G, Symantec, and Thompson Reuters. Contact him at
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